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The Roll Studio

About The Roll Studio

The Roll Studio invites you to try a transformative recovery practice available here in the heart of Amsterdam. Our cutting-edge roller machines have captured the attention of health and wellbeing savants around the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fitness.

Recovery plays an essential role in the lives of discerning health enthusiasts. Authentic welling isn’t based solely on sweat or muscle gain, but also on the rejuvenation of deep tissues and immune system restoration. We believe in a holistic approach that encompasses both inner vitality and outward radiance. 

The Roll Studio offers a stationary and non-contact massage session that provides a full body lymphatic massage. Our sessions not only help you slim down, they eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite, and bring about many other benefits that will have people asking you what your secret is. 

Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

How do our lymphatic drainage massage machines work?

The Roll Studio machines are designed to massage and shape all parts of the body. The adjustable infrared heated rollers provide a deep-tissue massage with elements of acupressure that stimulate lymphatic drainage

If the roller machines are used regularly, they have a slimming effect as they shape the body and tighten the skin. They relax the muscles with enhanced circulation, reduced inflammation, and stimulated blood flow, all of which also make The Roll Studio massage  highly effective for cellulite reduction.

The mechanical pressure of these specially-crafted, rotating, wooden rollers improve lymph flow, which helps to speed up metabolism and remove toxins.

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Why is lymphatic drainage essential to wellbeing?

The lymphatic system is vital for immune function. Think of it like the irrigation system for the garden of your body.

Lymphatic fluid (lymph) is the life-giving water that nourishes cells and tissues. Lymph nodes are the filtration stations that purify lymph by removing toxins and impurities. After filtration, lymph is returned to the bloodstream like a self-replenishing spring to continue nourishing the body.

The roller machines are specially engineered to keep your lymphatic system flowing smoothly and drain any blockages that may have accumulated. Just as you plant seeds and weed a garden, so too must you tend to its watering system to keep it lush and in bloom.

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What to expect during a session

The Roll Studio is the first to offer lymphatic drainage massage machine sessions in Amsterdam, and is the only studio in our city offering this elite lymphatic drainage experience.

The studio is equipped with TV screens with easy-to-follow instructions in English. A session lasts 45 minutes, during which the machines are set up with 15 different positions with a duration of 3 minutes each.

The positions target different muscle groups in the feet, calves, thighs, hips, abdomen, buttocks and arms. Because the roller machines can be used in various positions, you can feel for yourself where you have tension and can get the maximum benefits out of your workout.

The Roll Studio massage sessions with The Magic Slim Roll or The Robust Body Roll machines are many times stronger and thus more effective than manual lymphatic drainage massage. The machine helps relax the muscles and stimulate the lymphatic functions, releasing toxins from the body.

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What to wear

Active leggings or trousers (no zippers or buttons) & and fitted top and socks.

The Roll Studio